Sunday, June 26, 2011


Malas betul nak update, What do I talk about? Whats happening in my life ke? What's new? Buat cerita fantasy yang tak akan jadi? Or cerita what happen over the weekend? What have you been thinking about lately? Amboi nothin' is happening I think. Everything seems to be entah. I'm confused. What's been happening lately? Errr my dad is having middle age crisis and it makes me feel like crap but all I can do is shut up. Not saying anything. Just be invisible. What's new khaleda in life? Hmmm I lost my butt. Ada cerita fantasi yang you buat? Oh sorry my fantasy only work if I'm about to sleep and If its english essay test. What happen to you over the weekend? Hmm which weekend ek? The one yang the kena kacau dengan satu lorry seriously satu lorry mamat mamat indo and I quote what they saif "Dik nak tumpang tumpang" And I quote what I answered in my mind "FAK OFF YOU ARE FREAKING ME OUT". Orr the one that I when to broga with some of my uia peeps and something that I'm ignoring as if it did not happen. OR the one that my dad is being soooooo nerve recking orr the one that I spend my whole morning searching references for my research proposal assignment by Alizaman D.Gamon. He is really giving me a hard time. What have been on your mind lately? Well I been thinking I nak buat Bucket list, Urbanscape, where the HELL IS MY BUTT?, Incubus ke World Stage? Mana nak cari ticket chelsea? Upah orang suruh buat assignment bangang tu but mostly FOOOODDDDDDDDD. Okay makan time bye.