Thursday, February 24, 2011


Its confusing kekadang , i mean theres a lot of things in this world yang make me confuse. I think im confuse on a lot of things in this universe. So dont blame me if i blur because its actually fun being blur and stupid sometime. PLEASE TRY IT AT HOME. People around kita akan jadi bengang and astarfiruallh tapi hahaha its actually pleasure. Most of the time i betul betul blur just sekali dua je sebab malas nak layan sangat. Being in this world we should know few things yang patut tahu since kita dah boleh think by ourself:

; no one its prefect

; everyone makes mistake , be a duck if dont make a mistake

; simple words will make you smile, contoh thank you

; nothing in this world is permanent even death

; everyone talks S

; you are who you are

; it dosent matter what people say to you because seriously who the F are they

; dont be such a B

; be kind , then people will be kind to you even animals

; dont be afraid you are strong

; everyone mengumpat so F it lah

; do lie sometimes its fun and it will save ur ass

; smile please tak susah pun say cheese pun dah senyum

; eat as many as you can , its food je pun

; ur body is prefect dah

; ur are beautiful or handsome inside out

; looks dont really matter

; its easy to say thing rather than do it or even believe in it

; RESPECT woman please they are the one that bring you to this world kan?

; when you say you want to do it , GO!!

; be crazy sometime , its not fun to be up tide no one like it

; dont judge people than you dont know a S about.

; when someone dump you , its not the end of the world PAHAM?

Thats all lah kot yang ada in my mind but if you guys do know all of that and some of it you follow and some that dont cry or kill youself HAHA because i do it sometime too. So basically enjoy life please while you still have one kan? why waste something that is priceless and wonderful. Dont think to much just enjoy :) but there a limit thought to enjoyment. TAKE CARE PEEPS :)

night putrajaya

Thursday, February 17, 2011

against the flow

Mak aih, its final dah :) Please i seriously need to pass this sem so lagi cepat pindah pergi gombak. Senang sikit life kot, semua dok cakap cam gitu. What should i even major in, pening kepala doh fikir. Theres a few options of course lah kan? OKAYY kita ada pyschology sudah tentu, sociology, political science, mass communication apalagi nah AH HAAAA!!!! contemporary issues in muslim world :) Tu jah. Ha aaa so apa yang patut saya pilih :) Ingat nak major in mass comm, tetapi mak bapak saya macam tidak setuju. Sometime i feel like my purpose i mean my choice of life semua nak make my parents happy all for them and semua diorang yang buatkan. Haish, but there are my parents kan? But i want to do what i love to do. I gave up my passion on drawing for them. And trust me ladies and gentlemen That was super duper susah. Well everything has been plan kan, we will see lah nanti.

thats all lah, oh btw, pergi tengok 127hours. its nice :)