Saturday, August 20, 2011

To be happy now

Hi all :) Lama dah hilang, many things have been going on lately happy thing though. Alhamdulillah, I thought I was through with all that, but it turns out well I got that thing I did not expect, Well expect things that is unexpected lah kan :) Im happy for all that had happen, We all have our up and down kan. I had my downs and now I hope all I have for the moment is ups, please its been a great few month and please just stay that way. When I remember the time I gave up on everything I was through with everything, konon nak built higher wall around me but I actually I did built all those wall. Tapi nak buat macam mana, but those walls are still there thought it will always be there it will not magically hilang. And you I will always remember. You were fun to be with, Im happy that we met and had what we had. Perhaps another world, another life I hope we met again :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Malas betul nak update, What do I talk about? Whats happening in my life ke? What's new? Buat cerita fantasy yang tak akan jadi? Or cerita what happen over the weekend? What have you been thinking about lately? Amboi nothin' is happening I think. Everything seems to be entah. I'm confused. What's been happening lately? Errr my dad is having middle age crisis and it makes me feel like crap but all I can do is shut up. Not saying anything. Just be invisible. What's new khaleda in life? Hmmm I lost my butt. Ada cerita fantasi yang you buat? Oh sorry my fantasy only work if I'm about to sleep and If its english essay test. What happen to you over the weekend? Hmm which weekend ek? The one yang the kena kacau dengan satu lorry seriously satu lorry mamat mamat indo and I quote what they saif "Dik nak tumpang tumpang" And I quote what I answered in my mind "FAK OFF YOU ARE FREAKING ME OUT". Orr the one that I when to broga with some of my uia peeps and something that I'm ignoring as if it did not happen. OR the one that my dad is being soooooo nerve recking orr the one that I spend my whole morning searching references for my research proposal assignment by Alizaman D.Gamon. He is really giving me a hard time. What have been on your mind lately? Well I been thinking I nak buat Bucket list, Urbanscape, where the HELL IS MY BUTT?, Incubus ke World Stage? Mana nak cari ticket chelsea? Upah orang suruh buat assignment bangang tu but mostly FOOOODDDDDDDDD. Okay makan time bye.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Who would ever thought birthday semua dekat dekat, haih melampau everyday kena wish orang but today i was the one that is being wished :D Hihihihi Im 19. So far being 19 is fun plus you only turn 19 sekali je so might as well enjoy it rather than sobbing over some lunatic. Going out and in of the house is a routine lah untuk semua remaja remaja di luar sana tambahan pula ni season cuti kan? Life is short people so be happy but ingat the Creator okay dont go waste your time sobbing over some shit. But jangan gembira sangat lah orang kata jangan happy sangat kejap lagi kang menangis i always find that happen but semua kebetulan kan? So macam mana ni kejap suruh gembira tapi tak pulak. Okay tak nak confuse kan korang dah. Yes there are time where we can be happy and there are time we will have to sob life is about balancing things i guess, Im still learning the way how to live in this world that will end one day so im not an expert of apa. But, to me lah kan in order to learn is by being independent you cant expect people will always be there for you when you are in trouble.Yes, i know true friend stay with you forever no matter what. Sometime you need to handle thing by yourself, depending on others will not get you anywhere it will only led you to NOT discovering who are you really are? You need to learn how to live on your own jangan nak manja sangat lah there are time where you can and there are time yang you need to think by yourself. Its hard but thats life lah kan? You might think is hard being independent yes indeed it is no one ever said it was easy kan? But again life is hard. Cuba bayangkan lah kan if you bergantung kat orang sangat macam mana you nak hidup when they all have their own way of life their own choices of life takkan mu nak ikut jugak kan? You must have something that you, yourself desire kan? So maybe you akan cakap no they will not leave me yadadadada but you will see one day everyone have their own path of life and you have yours jugak so macam mana ni? Hari pun makin malam jadinya saya hendak bersiap dulu dah give it a thought and let me know what you think aite,

Selamat my friends :D

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Read this, and you'll understand

To you out there especially My beautiful erna,
Get over him. He's not even worth it. He is not worth your time or your tears. Yeah you loved him, I know that. And I know you just can't see yourself with anyone other than him, I get that. I've been there. But why should you spend all your time sitting at home, bawling your eyes out and wondering where he is and who he is with. Do you honestly think he is thinking about you? No. Sure it hurts, the fact that he is out there falling in and out of love with other girls. Yeah your gonna see him with one of his new girlfriends. Prepare yourself, cause straight up; its gonna hurt. He will hold her a little closer and squeeze her hand a little tighter just because he knows your watching. He knows its killing you; that;s why he will do it. Don't let him get to you because that, well that's exactly what he wants. Don't give him what he wants. He doesn't even deserve it. So what if he doesn't talk to you; do you honestly wanna be friends with an asshole like him anyways? Thing is I know you still do. But give it time. Because all he would do is talk about his new girlfriend and just try and make you jealous, do you really wanna hear that? No. Screw him and his girlfriend. He will be sorry. Trust me. When he finally sees you with some other guy who's not him. With that huge grin on your face and your boyfriend holding you close, he will realize how happy you are now. And how happy your boyfriend is because he has you; the girl of his dreams. He will realize the huge mistake he made when he let you go, when he decided to choose her over you. When he decide he just did no love you the same. Trust me, he will be sorry. And don't you sit there thinking he won't be sorry I know you are. But I guarantee you now; He will be sorry. So don't go on spending you nights waiting for that one phone call you know your never gonna get. Or that IM you know he will never send you simply because he likes to ignore you. He like to pretend he does not see you online, he does it out of spite just because he knows its killing you. When he walks past you in the hallways he is gonna look past you, but you need to know he will do that cause he knows somewhere inside you, it will hurt. I'm not gonna lie to you. It will hurt. It'll hurt a lot. But it will hurt even more when you see her name and how much he loves her in his profile. Its all gonna hurt. Knowing your not the girl that's making him smile. Knowing your not the first person he thinks of when he wakes up and the last before he goes to sleep. Knowing your not the face on his background of his phone anymore. Knowing id he hasn't already he will delete the album of picture of you he has on his phone. Knowing you wont be spending every single moment possible with him. Knowing there's not gonna be no more late night phone calls arguing about who loves who the most. And you know what, today, tomorrow, next week, months from now; your phone will go off with a text message, you will instantly grab your phone hoping its him saying he wants to give your relationship another shot. But trust me; hes got to much pride. Even if he wanted to be back with you, he wouldn't tell you. Your soon gonna realize he doesn't care about you anymore and he wont be the first person you call when your upset. He wont be the one to put that smile back on your face. And yeah its gonna hurt; its gonna hurt a lot. But you know what you gonna do? Your gonna hold your head up. Your gonna show him your better than him and you don't need him in your life. Your gonna prove to him that he made the biggest mistake of his life letting you go and that you never really needed him anyways.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Pedih den ni hah, result kesialan je. BABI punya bmw, entah apa mak buat sampai kena repeat ni. Apa apa pun saya bersyukur lah "dengan sarcasticnya tapi nak buat camne kan". Bosan tau lama lama kat nilai tu berak lagi cepat kot rasanya. Arggh extend shit lah. I was actually hoping with a fragile hope nak pass and finish this short sem terus. Walau bagaimanapun, my life seems okay lah, not bad. Thank you Allah for that i suppose but hey you can at least make my result okay sikit HAHAHA sorry tak bersyukur well i ni manusia and as we all know manusia tak pernah puas dengan apa dieorang ada en?en?en? Dah sudah lah esok i daftar semula ke land of the dead. Makan kena bayar sendiri, internet lembab, air kekadang tetiba takda, lepak ada limit, tidur awal, bangun awal, assignment lah, course work lah, kena gosok baju lah HAIH menyusahkan betul. Okay itu saja puan puan tuan tuan dirumah untuk rancangan mari dengar khaleda membebel. Jumpa lagi pada waktu dan hari akan datang. Tunggu yea!
Oh btw, takziah and al-Fatihah for my friend Fara Ieda. She lost her mum on 19th March 2011 at 5.17am.

Night Putrajaya. So long bitches

Thursday, March 10, 2011


family dinner
location: johnny's, alamanda. dekat rumah je folks.

story while menjamu selera :)
apabila adik i telah membeli camera baru yang dalam iklan nak tangkap gambar binatang, yang dia dok kejar kejar tu. Semua orang iaitu baba,mama and me. I have a small family, so what? Jangan terkejut sangat okay. Sebab ramai tend to HAH? YEKE? habih tu tak kan i ada adik/abang/kakak yang i tak mengaku as family apa. Ingat ni drama cekarama is that spelling right? Anyway, balik ke dinner talk tadi apa tadi, oh yes camera so adik i yang tunjuk lah effect camera tu boleh buat and it can buat effect fish eye macam lomo tu. So we end up we tu dimaksudkan me and my adik explain pasal lomo too my mum and the conversation goes like this tau:

Me: Ma, do you know what is lomography?

Mama: nope, tak pernah dengar. Pornography pernah lah.

and the conversation goes quiet with my dad gelak as if ada benda untuk digelak kan

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Its confusing kekadang , i mean theres a lot of things in this world yang make me confuse. I think im confuse on a lot of things in this universe. So dont blame me if i blur because its actually fun being blur and stupid sometime. PLEASE TRY IT AT HOME. People around kita akan jadi bengang and astarfiruallh tapi hahaha its actually pleasure. Most of the time i betul betul blur just sekali dua je sebab malas nak layan sangat. Being in this world we should know few things yang patut tahu since kita dah boleh think by ourself:

; no one its prefect

; everyone makes mistake , be a duck if dont make a mistake

; simple words will make you smile, contoh thank you

; nothing in this world is permanent even death

; everyone talks S

; you are who you are

; it dosent matter what people say to you because seriously who the F are they

; dont be such a B

; be kind , then people will be kind to you even animals

; dont be afraid you are strong

; everyone mengumpat so F it lah

; do lie sometimes its fun and it will save ur ass

; smile please tak susah pun say cheese pun dah senyum

; eat as many as you can , its food je pun

; ur body is prefect dah

; ur are beautiful or handsome inside out

; looks dont really matter

; its easy to say thing rather than do it or even believe in it

; RESPECT woman please they are the one that bring you to this world kan?

; when you say you want to do it , GO!!

; be crazy sometime , its not fun to be up tide no one like it

; dont judge people than you dont know a S about.

; when someone dump you , its not the end of the world PAHAM?

Thats all lah kot yang ada in my mind but if you guys do know all of that and some of it you follow and some that dont cry or kill youself HAHA because i do it sometime too. So basically enjoy life please while you still have one kan? why waste something that is priceless and wonderful. Dont think to much just enjoy :) but there a limit thought to enjoyment. TAKE CARE PEEPS :)

night putrajaya

Thursday, February 17, 2011

against the flow

Mak aih, its final dah :) Please i seriously need to pass this sem so lagi cepat pindah pergi gombak. Senang sikit life kot, semua dok cakap cam gitu. What should i even major in, pening kepala doh fikir. Theres a few options of course lah kan? OKAYY kita ada pyschology sudah tentu, sociology, political science, mass communication apalagi nah AH HAAAA!!!! contemporary issues in muslim world :) Tu jah. Ha aaa so apa yang patut saya pilih :) Ingat nak major in mass comm, tetapi mak bapak saya macam tidak setuju. Sometime i feel like my purpose i mean my choice of life semua nak make my parents happy all for them and semua diorang yang buatkan. Haish, but there are my parents kan? But i want to do what i love to do. I gave up my passion on drawing for them. And trust me ladies and gentlemen That was super duper susah. Well everything has been plan kan, we will see lah nanti.

thats all lah, oh btw, pergi tengok 127hours. its nice :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

beautiful ?

Aweks rupawan lalu
A:eh eh minah tu cantik lahh!
B:Alaa muka je cantik tapi hati kita tak tahu.
A:true true, tapi lawa lahh. hee excited tengok orang cantik ni.
Awek yang tak seberapa rupawan
A:Eh tengok tu!
B:Geli gila. Tak cantik kot, Aku lagi lawa.
A: keriket keriket (sound effect bunyi yang ala ala dalam hutan tu) sambil memandang sinis kepada B
B:Apa pandang pandang?
A: err nothin'

Haish apa tu beautiful? alaa bosan kan topic ni act. semua orang kata benda yang sama nowdays beauty lies within urself bla bla blaa tapi bila tengok orang yang muka tak seberapa. orang tu mesti kata tak cantik lah orang tu. tettt!!!! cakap tak serupa bikin. but alah relax dulu der, semua orang pernah do something yang against what they say or even believe. Im saying this pun because i pun pernah buat macam tu which is cakap je lebih. Nobody perfect kan? Sapa perfect sila akan tangan dan kaki anda. Okay dah boleh turunkan sekarang. TERIMA KASIH kerana memberi kerjasama. Anyways you alls buats apas hujungs minggus nis? Mak balik rumah, JYEAH! hehehe. Btw, dekat nilai ni nak bukak 7E JYEAH!(lagi sekali). Wooooo hoooo everyday slurpee lah mak, brain freeze aku everyday kang. Oh kau, terpesong dari tajuk kita hari ni, which is beautiful, haish semua orang lawa kan? bagi saya lah. beaury hmmm khaleda beaury pun boleh lah. OKAYY beauty lies in everyone, bukan kat muka je. inside lagi cantik. dah lah BOSAN. Lama dah saya tak update ek, biarlah mak busy nyahs semua. Komonlah, final nak dekat kot.

Goodnight Malaysia :D

Monday, January 3, 2011


Happy New Year. May we all be blessed by God.