Monday, November 1, 2010


Happy first November -__-

its november dah. -__- time flies cepat kan? close open close open(direct translation pejam celik pejam celik)its my 2nd sem :) I'm happy i make it through the 1st semester but dem its getting harder and payah. i know this will happen kan tapi -___-. my arab HAHAHAA people i pass my level 1 part 1 HAHAHAHA with the help of insyirah anuar :)) i cheat people on my arab paper :) thats the only paper lah i cheat on but life goes on. moving on people hey i stumble across a old song tapi sebenarnya tak tersandung atas pun. If u guys don't get it pergi google translate then translate stumble across okay so kat mana tadi stop OH YES macam lah terkejut sangat. Boleh baca balik kot -__-. Well i don't know if korang pernah tengok 'INI VIDIYO SAYA' i think i got the spelling right susah nak search balik semua sebab line dekat UIA lembab sangat. Anyway that video have been posted lama dah tapi i just want to say that i find it very sweet actually not annoying or apa apa lagi orang comment because it is very charming. If korang haven't watch it yet please go to and search 'ini vidiyo saya' keluar kot. Okay moving on, next my class today was okay lah tak lah hectic macam i thought it will be. my english class cancel kot lecturer tak datang after 15min so i suppose cancel my IRK(ISLAMIC REVEALED KNOWLEDGE) cancel, my comptemporary issues in muslim country was fun sebab its was suppose to finish at 1 but habis at 11.15 camtu. WOOHOOO! okok khaleda you don't have to be to excited heh? err okay arab tadi HAHAHA i love that ustaz even i don't really understand arab. seriously korang arab susah and i tak paham pun. but im trying lah. Tonite in nilai was a total fun. :) it make me realize that we can change our life and Allah it the greatest and kebesaran sebab you cant even imagine how Allah works susah kot. Thanks lah Tuff, Dena & Akir :DD. living in nilai is not so bad after all.

anyway, HAPPY 1st November :)) enjoy malaysia. goodnight nilai