Thursday, April 15, 2010


This is what happen if a girl nampak lelaki yang pada pandangan mereka perfect 10. What i mean by perfect 10 only based on their looks. Don't get the wrong picture, prefect 10 is a game where perempuan perempuan duduk melepak dan tengok dan memerhati lelaki lelaki yang lalu lalang. Then kiteorg bagi scale 1 to 10 for a guy. THIS IS ONLY A GAME. Untuk perempuan yg frust tertonggeng main lah game ni best kot. hahha. To me lah kan lelaki yang dapat perfect 10 is ZAHIRIL ADZIM. He is not my bf and will never be(dalam keadaan tertonggek) HEE u people might know him if people people pernah tengok cerita GADOH. He's an actor so that's why he will never ever EVER EVER be my lover(ayat jiwang sikit). Dalam movie K.A.M.I pun ade, die jadi drug dealer. COOL kan?kan? Dalam GHOST season 2 pun ade die jadi bf harum and kene rasuk then die bunuh harum then die kene bunuh dengan kawan ayah harum. :(( OH WELL cerita dongeng je. Im not obsess dengan die just minat. Zahiril Adzim is ni my fantasy.

Thats him hensem kan?kan?kan? everytime i tengok die OMK!!(oh mak kau HAZIM RAZMAN made that up). Cool kan? i know. hee i can be perasan sometime, hee. Btw, i google gamba die. I did not stalk him okay.Keen this is the guy yang i cakap. HEE (tunjuk gigi i yang comel gitu)

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