Sunday, December 19, 2010

hello world (Y)

sometimes we just forget who we are.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

cerita kali ini

hai semua!(nada riang sekali)

if i ever hear ypur annoying voice again or even hear you scream for some shit yang bodoh, seriously its irritating. i will kick u in the balls even though you don't have any, i will kick as if my life depends on your balls dead. and i will shove your big mouth with a soap to wipe it clean for all the shit and throw you in the rubbish bin and wait until the DBKL pick the rubbish bin to watch how the DBKL squeeze you then laugh like hell. :)

cerita ini tiada kaitan dengan yang hidup atau yang sudah tiada.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Someone once said that when your in love your actually asking to get hurt. he said its because we know that being in love will somehow hurts us but we still go through with it. At that time my thought were yelah betul kot. But know when i come to think about it over and over again its actually true i mean seriously its true. Well thats life kan?

HA!! sebelum terlupa

may Allah bless all of us.

oh ya saya akan busy next week maklum lah UIA ni terlalu advance so kami semua ada mid term jadi saya jarang kot online, entah lah tak boleh janji :D apa apa pun selamat malam.
saya nak makan burger daging dengan cheese hmmm... meleleh air liur :D

bye kamu semua :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

like this

a status from a Facebook page of my friend. I actually like most of his status. its funny. kudos to Mo. One of them is "its "could you please", not "kucup please". Say it right." "the snooze button is evil i tell ya. E.V.I.L." Alaa senang cerita baca je blog dia sama je. It makes me laugh my ass off. i read his blog whenever im down or maybe in a really sad mood because it will trust me it will make me laugh :D
Thanks johnny depp :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

hari ini

Seng gut-gut bak kata hanim genius strike me today. -___- off to bed early today insyaAllah.

noapte buna,
people of Malaysia

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

dearmad ort

its time for us to let go. Its getting harder and harder each day. You said the word and I'm like dearmad ort sorry darling but i had to much i just want the pain in my chest to stop and be gone forever. You said you were having a bad day yes sweetheart i know but you said it. And i can take it anymore so i said okay. And now you said you want me back and keep forcing me back to you, bukan i tak nak buat i dont want to go through the same thing again. It hurts yes i know i hurt you too. So please stop asking me go back at you i need time and maybe its better for us to see other people. I know that you would not want to be friends dah if macam ni but i want to be friends. You are the nicest guy i have ever met, my friend pun said the same thing sayang. You baik and you deserve a girl that can treat you the way you treat them obviously not me kan? who am i kidding kan? im the bad one in this relationship and everyone knows it. I really hope that we can be friends. and i know that we becoming friends will never happen because you taknak but i still hope we can be friend even if we met other people or in love with other people. you the best thing that ever happen to me. goodbye now

Sunday, November 21, 2010

le ombre della notte

I don't know why but i can't get this song out of my head.

Shadows of the Night-Pat Benatar

We're running with the Shadows Of The Night
So baby take my hand, it'll be all right
Surrender all your dreams to me tonight
They'll come true in the end
You said - oh girl, it's a cold world
When you keep it all to yourself
I said you can't hide on the inside
All the pain you've ever felt
Run to my heart, but baby don't look back
Cause we got nobody else


We're running with the Shadows of the Night
So baby take my hand, it'll be all right
Surrender all your dreams to me tonight
They'll come true in the end

You know that sometimes, it feels like
It's all moving way too fast
Use every alibi and words you deny
That love ain't meant to last
You can cry tough baby, it's all right
You can let me down easy, but not tonight

We're running with the Shadows of the Night
So baby take my hand, you'll be all right
Surrender all your dreams to me tonight
They'll come true in the end

We're running with the Shadows of the Night
So baby take my hand, it'll be all right
Surrender all your dreams to me tonight
They'll come true in the end

And now the hands of time are standin' still
Midnight angel, won't you say you will

Monday, November 1, 2010


Happy first November -__-

its november dah. -__- time flies cepat kan? close open close open(direct translation pejam celik pejam celik)its my 2nd sem :) I'm happy i make it through the 1st semester but dem its getting harder and payah. i know this will happen kan tapi -___-. my arab HAHAHAA people i pass my level 1 part 1 HAHAHAHA with the help of insyirah anuar :)) i cheat people on my arab paper :) thats the only paper lah i cheat on but life goes on. moving on people hey i stumble across a old song tapi sebenarnya tak tersandung atas pun. If u guys don't get it pergi google translate then translate stumble across okay so kat mana tadi stop OH YES macam lah terkejut sangat. Boleh baca balik kot -__-. Well i don't know if korang pernah tengok 'INI VIDIYO SAYA' i think i got the spelling right susah nak search balik semua sebab line dekat UIA lembab sangat. Anyway that video have been posted lama dah tapi i just want to say that i find it very sweet actually not annoying or apa apa lagi orang comment because it is very charming. If korang haven't watch it yet please go to and search 'ini vidiyo saya' keluar kot. Okay moving on, next my class today was okay lah tak lah hectic macam i thought it will be. my english class cancel kot lecturer tak datang after 15min so i suppose cancel my IRK(ISLAMIC REVEALED KNOWLEDGE) cancel, my comptemporary issues in muslim country was fun sebab its was suppose to finish at 1 but habis at 11.15 camtu. WOOHOOO! okok khaleda you don't have to be to excited heh? err okay arab tadi HAHAHA i love that ustaz even i don't really understand arab. seriously korang arab susah and i tak paham pun. but im trying lah. Tonite in nilai was a total fun. :) it make me realize that we can change our life and Allah it the greatest and kebesaran sebab you cant even imagine how Allah works susah kot. Thanks lah Tuff, Dena & Akir :DD. living in nilai is not so bad after all.

anyway, HAPPY 1st November :)) enjoy malaysia. goodnight nilai

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat hari raya everyone.
Have a nice one.

and dont forget to forgive and forget.
forget the past and move on.


p/s: jangan main mercun. :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

selamat hari ibu 2010

coolest guy on the planet ever. how would ever thought kan. adorable gila doh. sejuk perut mak dia :D btw, dia izzah punya. HAHHAAH. i know its way to late but im wishing every mom's in this world SELAMAT HARI IBU especially my mum. Ma ur the best. ILOVEYOU <3 <3 hug and kisses ma.

Friday, July 16, 2010


so i have no story sekian terima kasih. :D

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Sorry but tidak tahu kenapa tibe tibe malas gila nak update blog, tapi rindu plak. 
After about a month being in IIUM it was kinda ooookkkaaay laaa. I got a lot of friends but they are not the same as the friends we had in school. It was fun to meet people from all over Malaysia, only few foreigners i think not sure anyway they said i will find a lot of outsider in main campus.

So i've got tons of stupid assignment that i have no idea how the hell should i get it done. but somehow i manage to get it done. IT full of bullshitness sumpah i xtipu. and yet i receive some story yg buat i jeles sampai mengalir kan airmata. And now benda jadi KELAM KELABUT SEMULA. BTW, thnks to MO NAZMI AKA terkenal dengan blog yang terfemes dia mojology for helping me mengfigure it out nak tulis pasal apa kat assignment i :D i belanja kopi o nanti okay? Anyway mid term nak dekat kepala aku pusing dgn quiznyer,assignmentnyer,dgn semua nyer lah. dah lah masalah dgn dormate yg pendek tu. HAISH, like say berkata kata di mukabuku EVERYTHING IS BABI NOW. saya ada dormate yg sangat sangat comel nama mereka adalah DENA and RINA yang i kenal dari PJ, mereka sangat alololololololo :DD HAHAHAHA okok nnt saya sambung semula cerita dia IIUM. 

selamat malam dena :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

After the TAARUF week in IIUM,PJ.

Penat doh, seyes shit penat and i never felt so happy apabila melihat jalan raya semalam. Well i ade lah ponteng sembahyang berjemaah sikit. Makanan kat sana sumpah xsedap kesian to all yang akan stay in pj HAHAHAHA(gelak evil) but there was one moment yang paling best in that entire week mase part welcoming and closing malam kamis tu part semua baling beg in the air dalam keadaan ala alaa ombak. sumpah bapak seronok. I would like to do that in the future lagi, oh ya sebelum terlupa i jumpe clon justin bieber di IIUM. Sumpah perasan nak mati doh, okok begini cerita nya die tengah duduk senyap senyap at padang malam kebudayaan tu apabila diminta seua bangn die bangun dan terus put tangan dekat dalam pocket dan terus buat goyangkan rambut die ala alaa iklan syampoo. OMK you people.HAHAHA any way that week wasnt so bad but it was BADD!! MFER betul minggu itu. Btw, disini ingin saya selitkan ucapan congrats kepada my friend ZOMBIE(ZOMBA) sebab dapat masuk IIUM for the 2nd intake. c you in gombak.

Monday, May 17, 2010

kabut kelam kabut labut serabut MF lah

Agak lama saya, Khaleda Amin Binti Khalid tidak berblogging atas sebab sebab tertentu.
Btw, i quit my job HAAHAHA penat nok. Plus nak prepare masuk university. Sungguh cepat masa berlalu, this saturday i'll be gone baby gone. Kamis ni my mum nak pergi AUSSIE. So basiclly my dad will be sending me off to PJ nanti. And cam bangang i cant celebrate my birthday on my birthday day get it tak? Kene lah celebrate awal if tiada halangan esok saya akan mengcelebrate hari jadi saya yang ke 18 and this will be the last time im celebrating my birthday sebab after ni if celebrate we are acctually celebrating ONE year closer to OUR DEAD people bak kata azliaz shafeeq but bile di fikir fikir kan sedalam sedalam nyer macam betul jugak so i decide not to celebrate birthday dah after ni. I have so many thing nak oh ya tadi i pergi buat xray doh cool sial nasib baik die tulis lung clear. So kiranya im healthy gitu. Sambung cerita tadi i have so many things to do at this moment banyak bende nak kene fikir so people if i've been malas nak layan tu bukan sebab ape okay im just a bit tired at the moment once semua bende ni selesai i call u people semua. Oh ya maybe i tak sempat nak jumpa everyone before i leave :(( im gonna miss kau orang semua badly doh. Haritu hanim tulis kat wall die kat facebook ajak semua orang jumpa i before i pergi agak terharu sewaktu itu entah lah nak nangis sial. huu OKOK tukar subject nanti tak pasal pasal damansara ni banjir. Esok i maybe will be celebrating my 18th birthday nyah nyah sekali kat putrajaya je tak nak lah far far away nok. Cake ape sedap? hee tak sabar mak nak menyambut hari jadi ni nyah tapi i wish my abang ade sekali. He called me last night alhamdullilah his fine kat sana. OK seyes shit im hungry.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

HAISH(dalam keadaan mengeluh)

I hate to work but i need to sebab if tak, i'll be moneyless. Bukan ape tapi tak kan nak mintak my parents je. Plus i mintak pun bukan bagi pun. So better cari my own money and simpan(insyaAllah lah if i tak nampak benda benda yang menarik mata dan hati dan seluruh jiwa dan raga) and puas guna duit sendiri. You know what i mean kan? Anyway, i pegi belaja bawak kete today sumpah babi gila punya bukit. Enjin mati banyak kali kot so i give up for the day ade hari lain kan. Esk i keje fuck aku penat wey sumpah penat tahap tenuk MORNING pulak tu lagi lah but here i am blogging while i should be asleep. Haish! Oh ya! Btw, azliaz shafeeq is no longer with the force in kuala lumpur his in the force of penang. I miss him :(( seyes wey. I dah takde teman nak bercamwhore. I dapat offer pergi matrix HAHAA tapi kat perlis gila bengap jauh. So dengan rela hatinya saya mengundurkan diri dari matrix. Im out of idea nak tulis ape. So now i tengok je screen ni.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


This is what happen if a girl nampak lelaki yang pada pandangan mereka perfect 10. What i mean by perfect 10 only based on their looks. Don't get the wrong picture, prefect 10 is a game where perempuan perempuan duduk melepak dan tengok dan memerhati lelaki lelaki yang lalu lalang. Then kiteorg bagi scale 1 to 10 for a guy. THIS IS ONLY A GAME. Untuk perempuan yg frust tertonggeng main lah game ni best kot. hahha. To me lah kan lelaki yang dapat perfect 10 is ZAHIRIL ADZIM. He is not my bf and will never be(dalam keadaan tertonggek) HEE u people might know him if people people pernah tengok cerita GADOH. He's an actor so that's why he will never ever EVER EVER be my lover(ayat jiwang sikit). Dalam movie K.A.M.I pun ade, die jadi drug dealer. COOL kan?kan? Dalam GHOST season 2 pun ade die jadi bf harum and kene rasuk then die bunuh harum then die kene bunuh dengan kawan ayah harum. :(( OH WELL cerita dongeng je. Im not obsess dengan die just minat. Zahiril Adzim is ni my fantasy.

Thats him hensem kan?kan?kan? everytime i tengok die OMK!!(oh mak kau HAZIM RAZMAN made that up). Cool kan? i know. hee i can be perasan sometime, hee. Btw, i google gamba die. I did not stalk him okay.Keen this is the guy yang i cakap. HEE (tunjuk gigi i yang comel gitu)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

sumpah bosan nak died wey

hello hello hello
i love repeating words,
today i woke up around 10lbh,mandi mandi then keluar bilik WOW! NASI GORENG (please pretend ade smiley sedang menjilat bibir) so i when to the kitchen to wash my hands terus ke meje makan and makan lah.
Semua orang dalam my house dh breakfast so i ate alone lah, sob sob
i bored lah

so here i am


so i new to this blogging stuff,
sila beri tunjuk ajar
so here i am(mcm title if korg perasan saje je nk bagitahu because idk wht to write about)
alone,kat hall rumah sbb the fucking wireless rosak,in the dark,a cicak lalu tadi i scream my lungs out dlm hati,i having goosebumps all the sudden,im hungry it happens all the time sekarang. Lets start blogging then.